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Trust Fall

for amplified tuba and percussion

//  Duration: 14'
//  Date: 2019
//  Instrumentation: amplified tuba, percussion
// Commissioned by the BrassTaps Duo
//  Premiere: 4 March 2019, New World Center, Miami



Trust Fall is scored for amplified tuba and percussion. The tuba is mic’d and processed through a Boss ME-50B Bass Multiple Effects pedal. The percussion setup consists of found objects and gongs.


Performed as a single continuous movement, Trust Fall moves through five sections, exploring themes of childhood trauma, recovery, and forgiveness: Womb, Rupture, Lullabye, Betrayal, and Grace. Despite the heaviness of the subject, both the tuba and percussion parts feature flights of whimsy, improvisation, and playfulness: childhood as viewed through the temporal prism of scarred adult eyes.


Trust Fall was commissioned by the BrassTaps Duo, comprised of tubist Evan Zegiel and percussionist Anthony DeMartinis, and premiered by the duo at the New World Center in Miami, Florida, 4-March 2019.


Premiere Lighting
New World Center, Miami
Premiere Rehearsal
Miami Tacos
Miami Architecture
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