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The Crab: A Diatribe

for ecello, soundfile, and video

//  Duration: 11'
//  Date:  2006
//  Instrumentation: electric cello, fixed media, video
// Commissioned by Craig Hultgren
//  Premiere: 14 April 2012, Ann Arbor MI


Premiered April 14, 2012

University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

with: Craig Hultgren, electric cello, and starring Rick James and Beth Kitchin

Video produced, directed, and edited by Marc LeMay

This diatribe for electric cello, computer-generated soundfile, and video is the result of the 2005-2006 Hultgren/University of Alabama at Birmingham Computer Music Ensemble Commissioning Prize. Co-sponsor Craig Hultgren performs the ecello part, accompanied by the soundfile and video. The video, conceived as a modern silent film, is an allegorical tale of the danger of good ideas taken to their extreme conclusions. 

Live performers were once a common sight at silent film houses. This project hopes to capture a bit of that lost spirit.



U of Michigan Percussion Ensemble
U of Michigan Percussion Ensemble
Vesper Trains - manuscript score on piano
Vesper Trains rehearsal 4-14-12
Vesper Trains Premiere 4-14-12
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