The Nervous System Symphony

single channel video projection with three channel audio

//  Duration: 15'
//  Date: 2015
//  Instrumentation: harp, trombone, percussion,              conductor/performer
// Created in collaboration with Michelle Wang
//  Filmed: 19 April 2015



Created with Michelle Wang

Featuring Elizabeth Huston, harp; Justin Moore, trombone; Eric Derr, percussion; and Marc as The Conductor

The Nervous System Symphony is a video installation, conceived by artist Michelle Wang and presented as a video projected in a gallery space with three-channel audio playback. The video is a documentation of a live performance: it concerns the gaze of power, as a conductor figure (played by the composer) uses hand signals to direct three musicians on raised scaffolding to play segments of a semi-aleatoric score he composed for them. In the gallery above, an audience watches. The piece has been presented in galleries in Philadelphia, New York, and Brussels. 

View on artist Michelle Wang's website


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