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On the premiere of Quintet: “[Marc LeMay’s] musical language is pleasingly muscular and upfront. The first section bursts open with ringing sonorities and rhythmic vitality…The piece built up an overall expressive symmetry, with a passionate lyricism    wrapping up the opening verve.”

- George Grella, New York Classical Review

//   Currently:  Tallahassee, FL

//  Origin:  Birmingham, AL
//  Genres:  Contemporary Concert Music, Music for the Stage, Dance, Electronic, Jazz

//  Instruments: Guitar, Ukulele, Piano

//  Interests: Cooking, Storytelling, Religion & Myth, Theatre, Art, Books, Maps

My music is music of violent contrasts.


Lyrical melodies wind through complex harmonic fields. Raucous climaxes lead to moments of extreme stasis. It is as often angry as it is humorous, explosive as it is introspective.

Through works for chamber ensembles, orchestra, the voice, and mixed media; and through collaborations with writers, artists, choreographers, and theatre artists, I aim to tell stories that communicate comfort to what makes us vulnerable while challenging what makes us complacent. 


I invite you to stay a bit and listen, and please feel free to contact me if you have thoughts or would like to know more. 


This is a demo reel highlighting a number of pieces from the past 10+ years. 

For more, please check out my Music page!

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